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Incorporating a trading business 5 månader, 2 veckor ago  

I'm looking for ways to reduce my tax burden. I spend 20+ hours a week researching and developing trading systems, but the number of trades I make are fairly small - 50 a year, so I'm pretty sure I don't qualify for "trader tax status" which I've read allows a person to claim business deductions tax and to not be subjected to the $3K max carry-forward on losses but essentially requires them to be a day trader.

Can I legally set up an S-corp, trade through it even if I don't have "trader tax status", and provide myself with a salary that I can use to afford myself the benefits of being able to deduct health insurance, 401k contributions, business expenses, etc? Many other non-trading businesses use this technique.

Are there any other techniques that traders who don't qualify as a trader in the eyes of the IRS have found to successfully reduce their tax burdens.

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