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ÄMNE: S-Corp makes money but doesnt distribute.
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S-Corp makes money but doesnt distribute. 2 veckor, 5 dagar ago  

Suppose I am 100% owner in an S-Corp that made $50,000. I know that with an S-Corp being a pass-through entity, I have to pay taxes on the $50,000, right?Now suppose that the S-Corp made that money but didnt distribute it to me. From what I understand, if I pay taxes on the earnings, but dont withdraw the earnings from the company, that just increases my basis in the company, right?Now if that is correct, Im curious why my tax professor says that you would not record a deferred tax asset on the taxes you paid for money you didnt withdraw? I thought that deferred tax assets/liabilities arise from temporary differences between a few things including differences between taxable basis and book value?

Please help

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