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Atletico Madrid announced that Thiago renewed for two years Portugal missed the veteran Chelsea
(2014-07-22) Skrivet av dagbafdhb dagbafdhb
Atletico Madrid was officially announced, and veteran midfielder Tiago new two-year contract, the Portugal star or old sheets Regiment. Atletico Madrid was officially announced, and Portugal midfielde... (1893 fler tecken)
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ESPN: Spurs is the offseason's biggest winners the opportunity to win still greater than LBJ
(2014-07-22) Skrivet av dagbafdhb dagbafdhb
ESPN experts believe the Spurs is not only the offseason's biggest winners, they strive to retain core team's conservative approach has been more and more team learning. Spurs ' chances of winning nex... (2133 fler tecken)
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Klose burst decided to retire next year and would like be coaching qualifications
(2014-07-22) Skrivet av dagbafdhb dagbafdhb
Klose has spent 36 years old before the World Cup, but in Brazil, he can represent the Germany national team and have good performance, also broke the World Cup individual scoring of Ronaldo maintai... (1115 fler tecken)
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From c to j-Real Madrid added a tiger
(2014-07-22) Skrivet av dagbafdhb dagbafdhb
Following Ronaldo's footsteps, j-Lo to do "real". Yesterday morning, Beijing time, Brazil World Cup Golden Boot winner, 23 years old, Colombia player j-Lo appeared in Madrid's airport, though he wore ... (1653 fler tecken)
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Best goal of the World Cup selection of j Lo leaves the ball in the air with top honours
(2014-07-22) Skrivet av dagbafdhb dagbafdhb
Brazil at the World Cup, which scored the most wonderful? Fans may each have their own answers. But in the eyes of FIFA, Colombia star zhanmusi·luodeligesi leaves the ball in the air a foot, is undoub... (740 fler tecken)
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TS Lightning Creator Low forefoot has adiprene enough product phase
Turned out to be for the launch of the film
Thunder gap to two goals behind to Spurs
Through the orientation shown in the figure to the field visits
Took the lead in the paint ripped gap
This is a genuine brand specifically point it
There is no real finish line
UK Sheffield United club even begin to consider divestment from a foot
Turn up two points to stay ahead of the U

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